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Kimono and Geckoboard

A little rundown on how I’ve used Kimono and a little Json transformation to automatically retrieve and display various metrics from across the web on a Geckoboard dashboard.

Easy Wins With java.awt.Desktop


Recently, I discovered the java.awt.Desktop class (added in Java6) and it’s really helpful to trigger various operating system tasks such as opening a website, a PDF or even opens a file for editing in the operating system’s default editor.

In this post I’ve compiled a few ways to demonstrate the usefulness of the class and hopefully something that’ll help you to achieve something easily too.

Rolling Your Own Podcast Feed

One of the many podcasts I listen to on my daily commute is the Thrasher’s Wheat Radio Hour which offers a little insight into the huge and varied catalog of Neil Young.

I’ve been a fan for many years now and when I discovered this show I immediately wanted to subscribe to the podcast feed in my favourite “podcatcher” Miro. But this was to no avail … I could not find the feed link! The most recent show is merely added to an existing blog post as an update on the original page:

This wouldn’t do, so I decided I could roll my own feed of the show.

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